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Please click on any image to see a larger copy. Art on this page features Rubber Trouble stamps (some cards include stamps by other companies as well). Art by Wendi Dunlap, unless otherwise marked.

Have you made any cool art with Rubber Trouble stamps? Send us a scan and you too might be featured here!

1880s Wedding Card Wedding Congratulations Vase card Spring card 2
Spring Card 1 Wedding Card Collage Card I Love You card
Collage tag
(Collage tag by Hillary Heidelberg)
Rose pin made of polymer clay
(Rose pin by Maire Bourke)
Asian pin made from polymer clay
(Clay pin by Wendi)
Dream pin, polymer clay
(Clay pin by Wendi)
Medieval Queen card
(Card by Kelly Kilmartin)
Carpe Noctem card
(Card by Lisa Justus)
Post-It pad holder
(Pad holder by Brandi Couch)
Collage card
(Card by Sarra Bankston Bloome)
Great Talents card
(Card by Janet Russell)
Art Mail card
(Card by Shauna Der)
Postage card
(Card by Katy Ayers)
Celestial card
(Card by Jenni Gaynor)
Carved Candles
(Card by Wanda Hentges)
Art card with Japanese Girl
(Card by Wanda Hentges)
Creativity Tag
(Tag by Wanda Hentges)
Holiday Garland
(Card by Wanda Hentges)
Let It Snow Card
(Card by Wanda Hentges)
Maneki Neko Card
(Card by Wanda Hentges)
Peace Card
(Card by Wanda Hentges)
Japanese Girl necklace
(Necklace by Wanda Hentges)
Necklace close-up
(Close-up of necklace)
Snowman Domino Necklace
(Necklace by Wanda Hentges)
Aloha Girl Card
(Card by Katerina Maserak)
Tree Trimming Card 2
(Card by Wanda Hentges)
Tree Trimming Card 3
(Card by Wanda Hentges)
Wedding Card
(Card by Sharon Vandegrift)
Mahalo card
(Card by Judy Aguayo)
Hibiscus card
(Card by Judy Aguayo)
Aloha Girl Journal
(Journal by Katerina Maserak)
Tree Trimming Card
(Card by Wanda Hentges)
Roller Skater card
(Card by Bernice Colony)

(All gallery art copyrighted by the original artists.)

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